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Thank you for checking out my speaker page. You can watch the videos below to get a sample of what I offer as a speaker. This page also includes my speaker bio and a list of my most requested topics. Thanks again for considering me as a speaker for your church or event. 

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Speaker Bio

Travis Moody attended Georgia Tech on a football scholarship (Go Yellow Jackets!) and graduated with his degree in Industrial Engineering. Travis later received a MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and  after spending over 17 years as a leader with three Fortune 500 companies, Travis left the corporate world and took a leap into ministry, as the Area Director of Crown Financial Ministries. In this role, Travis helped churches and individuals understand, teach, and live out biblical financial principles.

Travis is now an Associate Pastor at The Life Church of Memphis and continues to serve as a stewardship consultant to other churches.

Travis Moody is also an author. His first book, Financial Breakthrough: God’s Plan for Getting out of Debt, was written to share Travis’ own personal journey of eliminating over $100,000 in debt in just three years. His second book, Winning: The Guide to a Life of Peace and Purpose was released in 2016. His third book Focus on the Giver, Not the Gift: Ten Strategies for Building a Generous Church Culture was written specifically to help pastors and church leaders. 

Travis Moody is founder of The Lomah Group, a consulting organization which provides strategic stewardship and faith-based financial coaching to churches, individuals and organizations.

Travis has been happily married to Carol, his wife of more twenty-nine years and they have four adult children and live directly outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  

Travis enjoys dedicating his time and talent to serving as pastor, consultant, speaker, and author.

My Most Requested Topics

I speak on a number of topics related to money, marriage, leadership, winning in life, and building a generous church. I can customize a presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create. 

My most requested topics are listed below. These topics can be presented as a sermon, keynote or workshop. Also, I have half and full-day seminar versions for some topics.  

Winning in Life: This presentation is for those who want to move from just surviving through life to actually winning. We discuss and detail the five key areas which lead to a life of peace and purpose in life.

Winning in Your Finances: Statistics show, 80% percent of all people live in a constant state of worrying about money. The purpose of this presentation is to help take the stress out of finances. Whatever the age or income, this message will outline how to handle money God's way. Travis shares his personal story of eliminating over $100,000 in debt over three years. Included here is: 

* Developing a spending plan 

* Steps for eliminating debt 

* Tips for avoiding common money mistakes and 

* Saving for long term wealth. 

Building a Generous Church Culture: A Culture of Generosity is an environment in which a significant number of members give willingly, cheerfully, sacrificially and continually toward God’s work. Many churches struggle to find the finances to accomplish their vision. The correct solution seems to be to motivate the congregation to give more however when this happens, the focus is on the money and not the giver. Through this presentation, we equip church leaders to focus on the giver and not the gift. The goal is to help provide steps for creating a culture where many in church see themselves as disciples, giving freely of their time, talents, and money.  

Ten Spirits of Great Leadership: In this presentation, your leaders will learn how to apply 10 spirits or attributes of great leaders. Sometimes even as leaders, we can seemingly do what we think is right, but are actually leading with a broken spirit. This presentation will help you lead with your best attributes; guiding you and your team to achieve the great things you strive to accomplish.  

Winning in Your Marriage: Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and many people who stay married wouldn’t describe it as a happy marriage. These are sad statistics but they do not have to reflect your marriage. You can have a winning marriage! This presentation will help you learn how to have the happy, healthy, loving, lasting relationship with your spouse you desire.  

Thanks again for considering me speaking at your church or event. For more information, email me at info@thelomahgroup.com.

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