When it’s Time to Find a New Church


We had a great couple in our church who transferred out of state due to a job relocation. Even after they moved, they continued to tithe to our church six months after their move.

I reached out to check on their move and to confirm what I expected to be true . . . they hadn’t found a new church yet.

As we connected a bit, I told them how much we appreciated their generosity but it was time for them to find a new local church where they could be spiritually fed, encouraged and sow financially to that church.

Being connected with a church family strengthens us. The local church is a place we can be fed and grow spiritually. It's where we hear God’s Word spoken to us and over us. Church is also a place where we have people who can support us and encourage us. 

In fact, a Christian without a church is a biblical contradiction.

Hebrews 10:25 encourages us not to forsake assembling together in fellowship. Psalm 92 speaks to the flourishing life we experience when planted in a church. 1 Corinthians 12 states we have a responsibility to grow into mature members of God's family.

Every Christian needs a local church family.

5 Things to Consider when Looking for a Church:

1.      Word

God’s Word is believed to be the standard and is preached in a way that you and your family understand it and can apply it to your daily life.

2.      Worship

God’s presence is tangible, and there is a freedom to connect with Him.

Worship style however shouldn’t be your primary consideration; worship is an attitude and heart issue.

3.      Vision

The church is going somewhere. You can see where it’s going and desire to be involved. It values reaching out to and serving its community.

4.      Leadership

The leaders of the church are strong and committed individuals with good character.

5.      Atmosphere

The environment is life-giving, encouraging, fun, and friendly for you and members of your family.

If you are not already a part of a church, I encourage you to use the 5 considerations to find and get planted in a thriving, life-giving local church.

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