What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like It


I got a call from one of the most spiritually mature men I knew and he began to tell me about difficulties he was having in his marriage. 

He was so frustrated that he was on the brink of filing for divorce! 

During our talk I discovered there was no other woman or man. Neither was there physical abuse. They were simply unhappy and not getting along. 

He said, “I’m just tired of it.” 

After he talked and released his emotions and thoughts, I suggested they seek counseling. 

He replied, “I know that's the right thing to do and it would probably help, but you know what? I don’t even FEEL like trying anymore.” 

I hear this way too often from people struggling in their marriage.

Just when I was at a loss for words, these words came out of my mouth:

“Faith is doing what God wants us to do even when we don’t feel like it.”

Isn't it true that our feelings will get us in trouble every time.  

Our feelings tell us things like, 

  • I don’t FEEL like forgiving them. 
  • I don’t FEEL like getting up and reading my Bible. 
  • I don’t FEEL like giving. 
  • I don’t FEEL like exercising.

However we can’t make decisions based on how we feel.

As Christians, we live by faith in God and not our feelings. We have to decide to trust God even though we don’t see or feel Him. 

God is looking for those who will not only hear His word but obey it even when we don’t feel like it.

What feelings do you need to move past today?

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