The Surefire Plan to Help Your Spouse Lose Weight


My wife recently went on a journey to lose a few pounds and one day she made this comment, “You husbands could help if you would complain when your wives are overweight. That would motivate us to get in better shape!”

I didn’t respond yet thought to myself, “Yeah, right! Like that would help!”

I realized my wife didn’t fully understand my 4-point Surefire Plan to help her lose weight.

1.    Unconditional love. 

Let her know she is beautiful and loved no matter what size she is. 

A wife can tell if you think she looks good or not. It shows in our words, looks, and actions. My wife says I look at her like I want to eat her up. 

I want her to always feel beautiful. While she thinks if I complained a little it would have motivated her to lose weight sooner, I think it would have demotivated her. 

I am committed to never complaining about her weight. She needs to know I love her no matter what. Yes. No matter what!

2.     Lead by example

I’m committed to working on my own personal health and fitness. 

I certainly can’t complain about her weight if the only exercise I do is to push away from the dinner table after finishing my meal. 

Over the last year, I committed to exercising five days a week. 

Consistent role modeling plants seeds of vision.

3.     Provide support

During my wife's journey, she decided to join a weight loss group. 

After I saw this was something important to her, I decided to join as well. Even though there weren’t many men in the class, I faithfully attended the weekly classes. 

It even helped me to lose 11 lbs over the holidays!

However the biggest benefit was that it provided support and encouragement for my wife. 

She knows now she’s not in it alone.

4.    Provide words of encouragement

I didn’t think my wife could look any better but she does. I tell her often how good she looks and complement her new body. 

While complaining demotivates, any genuine heart felt positive compliment builds her up and motivates her to do even more.

Even though you may never get the credit, the benefit of following these steps is you will soon have a good looking, healthier and confident spouse.  

A secondary benefit of following this plan is that you might also improve your health and fitness and lose weight. I ended up losing over 20 lbs myself as I applied this 4-point plan on my wife! 

Now that I think about it . . .maybe it was really my wife applying the 4-Point Surefire Plan on me! Either way, we both weigh less than we did the day we married and have improved our overall health.

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