The Big 5-0


Recently, I turned 50!

This is a BIG milestone! 

In honor of the Big 5-0 a few people have asked me for 50 lessons learned in life. I don’t know if I quite have 50 but I can certainly give my 5-0. Five for the 5 things I’m glad I did. And -0- for the thing I’m glad I didn’t do!

My Big 5

1.   I’m glad I put my faith in God. 

Quite honestly, life can be so hard that I don’t know how I people do it without faith in God. My faith gives me the wisdom and power I need to win in life.

2.   I’m glad I married my wife. 

Marrying my wife, Carol, was a game changer. She brings strength, support, and spice to my life. So much of what I’m thankful for in life is because of my decision to marry her. Man, that was a great decision.

3.   I’m glad I decided to take care of my health. 

Weight has always been a battle for me. However awhile ago I decided to be intentional about taking care of my health. 

The benefit is that at 50, I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! I even began my 50th birthday with a 2.5 mile run with a friend.

4.   I’m glad I decided to become financially free. 

It’s been several years since we made the decision to pay off all our debts. We now live on about 40% of our income. 

Living well within our means allows us to save aggressively and give generously. 

It takes away the stress of worrying about how to pay bills. We may not have as much "stuff" or "experiences" as other people with similar incomes, but for us it is so much enjoyable to have financial peace.

5.   I’m glad I joined and made a decision to be a part of a Local Church.

Not only am I happy I am serving in a local church but specifically the The Life Church of Memphis. 

Through the years, we have moved around a lot! And during those times, we have been a part of some really great churches! 

However when we relocated to Memphis, we quickly found the place he now call home.  

Being a part of a healthy and thriving church, our lives have flourished and we've seen our kids blossom. Well beyond my lifetime, I believe this decision will have a positive impact on the lives of my family, on to the generations ahead.

My Big 0 (or the thing I'm glad I didn't do)

1.   I’m glad I never gave up dreaming. 

I’ve been a dreamer my entire life. I dreamed of playing college football and being an engineer. I dreamed of writing books and helping people financially. 

I still have many dreams. There are more books to write and more people to help. Dreaming motivates me to keep pushing for more. It excites me about my life. I’m definitely glad I’ve never stopped and I encourage you to keep dreaming as well.

I feel very blessed and so fortunate at the BIG 5-0 to be at this place in life. This is by far the best time of my life so far. 

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