Everybody Should Get Fired at Least Once


No one wants to get fired or fail at some venture, however getting fired or suffering a business loss may be the best thing that could happen to you.

Anyone who follows basketball knows the story of the Golden State Warriors losing to the Cleveland Cavilers in the NBA championship.

This was a huge loss, as they were a great team with amazing potential. This loss proved to be a huge blow to the team and fans alike. As a result of the loss, they were determined to achieve more and went out and signed superstar talent, Kevin Durant. Durant subsequently led the team to the Championship the following year! Most experts say this win would have never happened if they had not first lost.


As someone who has suffered tremendous business loss and came out stronger on the other side, I know there are several lessons we can all learn from being fired or suffering a big loss. I wanted to share 4 major ones with you!


4 Major Lessons from Getting Fired

1.  Helps to develop blind spots. 

Although being fired or losing may not have been all your fault, there is always something to learn from the loss. Find out what you need to improve. How can you get better? In order to make the next situation better, you have to learn from the mistakes of the past.


2. Reassess direction.

Am I going in the right direction? Should I continue along this path or do something else?

Recently a friend called me about being downsized. He worked over 20 years with the same company and was shocked that he was being let go. When I asked if he could do anything else, what would it be? He replied, "I've always felt like I should have been and really wanted to be a high school football coach." I asked, "Why then are you worried about losing your job? They just did you a favor!"

Sometimes we need a little nudge (or push)  into doing what we are called to do.


3. Strengthen mental toughness.

This is the time to see what's inside of you. Being fired will test your mental and emotional toughness. It forces creativity. It pushed you out to think outside of the box and do things you would not have done before.

Will you sink or swim? Being fired will teach you how to fight.


4. Expose financial preparedness

Are there enough finances to cover me until I find a new gig? 

Being fired will expose your financial habits good or bad! Those living paycheck to paycheck are devastated when they lose their jobs. Managing finances well and having at least six months savings provides a level of peace and allows enough time to plan a next step rather than panicking and/or taking the first job that comes your way.  


The truth is, you don't have to get fired to learn these lessons. Ask yourself these questions today as you continue to grow in your profession yet prepare for any challenges you may face in the future. 

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